One of the highlights in the artistic heritage of the area around Modena is undoubtedly its Romanesque art - a style that found its roots in the Roman world inspiring its themes, figurative motifs and expression of the great large religious and civil ferment around the year 1000.

Modena Cathedral is an undisputed masterpiece - the landmark work of a great architect (Lanfranco) and a great master sculptor (Wiligelmo).

In 1997, the Cathedral, the Ghirlandina Bell Tower and Piazza Grande were deservedly recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.




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The heart of the park holds some spectacular sandstone towers that emerge over the surrounding rolling hills, with peaked walls where the rare peregrine falcons make their nests

The Sassi di Roccamaltina Regional Park

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Situated only a short distance from the Ferrari plant and the Fiorano circuit, the Galleria is the great museum that exhibits the history of Maranello's red cars and of their founder Enzo Ferrari.

Maranello and Galleria Ferrari

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The archeological found is kept in  a  permanent exhibition  site in the Civic Center of the town , the exposition  higlights are the ancient elephant skeleton and a copy of the original venus finded here, now keep in Rome.


Elephant  and Venus Museum of Savignano Sul Panaro

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 Near Panaro river, the “Rocca di Vignola”  is perhaps the most important, most highly treasured geographic, cultural symbol of the Vignolese identity , famous also for cherries tree .

Vignola and the Rocca Castle

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Bologna  tourist attractions are centred around the town's main square, Piazza Maggiore, and the adjacent Piazza Nettuno with fountain of Neptune. The large cathedral is the Basilica di San Petronio, which has impressive reliefs on the doors, and interior fifteenth-century frescoes of heaven and hell.The Due Torri of Bologna are two leaning structures, built in 1119. The shorter, Torre Garisenda, was immortalised in Dante's Inferno. The taller tower is the Torre degli Asinelli, which is over 300ft tall, and which is open to the public. It leans about 3ft, and if you're not feeling too giddy, the views are worth the climb. Bologna's principal art gallery is the Pinacoteca Nazionale, containing works by local artists and others, including Guido Reni, Raphael, Giotto, Titian and Perugino.


Ducal Palace of Sassuolo

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Matilde di Canossa had the fortress constructed probably at the beginning of the 12th century ,In 1650 the architect Bartolomeo Avanzini performed the great work of transforming the castle into a princely summer residence for the duke Francesco I d'Este. The interior is richly decorated with works of Angelo Michele Colonna, Giovanni Boulanger and Pietro Galluzzi (17th century).

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You can also visit the ancient Torrione (in the picture) and the Archeological Museum near it.

Savignano  Fountain designed by

Antonio Sgroi

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Spilamberto : Balsamic Vinegar and ancient Torrione


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